Spotlight on AHC Champion Joey Hawk

Spotlight on AHC Champion Joey Hawk

Meet Joey as his mom April Hawk shares his story…
AHC is a tough roller coaster of ups and downs that never seem to stop. Joey’s roller coaster started in his first year of life. We walked a journey of many misdiagnoses before he was diagnosed with AHC at the age of 4. The diagnosis was eye opening for us, because we realized that all of these symptoms had a name. It all finally made sense. The AHC community is a rare community that I have seldom seen. Everyone comes together to support each other and raise funds for research. If your family is just starting this journey, plug into the AHC community. These other families walking this journey and enduring this horrible disorder have been our lifeline in those darkest hours. Despite those dark hours, it’s also important to enjoy the good days and make memories with your AHC kiddos. Joey has touched our lives and taught us things we would never have imagined. He is such a blessing to us and those he meets.


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