AHC Documentary News

AHC Documentary News

Thanks to your efforts, a 5 minute version of the AHC Documentary Human Timebombs won “Fan Choice” in an online voting contest, beating out nearly 70 other films in the American Academy of Neurology’s Neuro Film Festival.

STV2I4-Epic 1As a result, over 1,000 neurologists got to see the 5 minute version and hear about AHC. This is precisely why Cure AHC was a major financial backer of the documentary, and why we provided logistical support to help get a significant portion of the full length version of the film’s material recorded.

STV2I4-Epic2Speaking of the full length version, it is not available online yet (the producers are trying to get it distributed in mass media outlets like major cable networks). Cure AHC has a copy of the documentary, but we too cannot put it online. However, we can screen it at events. If you would like to organize an event in your area (fundraising, awareness, etc. ) please contact info@cureahc.org and we will be in touch!

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