Collaborative Team Publishes Findings on ATP1A3 Phenotypes

Collaborative Team Publishes Findings on ATP1A3 Phenotypes

Alison Brashearlaurie-ozeliusSweadner

Kudos to Allison Brashear, MD (Wake Forest University), Laurie J. Ozelius, PhD (Mount Sinai) and Kathleen J. Sweadner, PhD (Harvard) for their collaborative work on ATP1A3 mutations, suggesting that mutations in this gene may play a role in other neurologic and psychiatric disorders besides RDP (Rapid Onset Dystonia-Parkinsonism) and AHC (Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood). This helps to potentially open doors to more broader funding for research that could then also have direct benefit for our AHC Champions.

Dr. Ozelius (Center) is a member of the Cure AHC Medical Advisory Board, Dr. Brashear (Left) is working on coordinating with the Duke AHC Clinic to broaden research efforts, and Cure AHC sponsored Dr. Sweadner (Right) to attend the ATP1A3 Symposium in Rome last September. Thank you all for your efforts to cure AHC!
Their article recently published in Neurology – the abstract is located here:

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