Commemorating International AHC Day

Commemorating International AHC Day

International AHC Day bannerJanuary 18 was International AHC Day, commemorating the 6th Anniversary of the day (January 18, 2012) that Dr. Mohamad Mikati (the world’s top AHC expert) of Duke Children’s Hospital, notified AHC Advocacy leaders that he, along with then fellow Duke colleagues Dr. Erin Heinzen & Dr. David Goldstein (now of Columbia University), had discovered that ATP1a3 mutations cause nearly 80% of all cases of alternating hemiplegia of childhood. This breakthrough has paved the way for rapid advancement towards the cure. But for the approximately 20% of AHC cases, answers remain elusive. Cure AHC is leading the charge to find answers for these families. There have been a growing number of ATP1a2 mutation cases discovered.

Duke University checkTo that end, Cure AHC celebrated AHC Day by awarding $83,541.19 to Duke University (Dr. Mikati) for the mouse model of ATP1a2 (which will also benefit the research on ATP1a3). This is to continue the work begun on the model in 2017. We will be making other research investments in the near future. We are grateful for Dr. Mikati’s dedication and expertise in AHC.

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