Cure AHC Board Members Meet to Advance Funded Research

Cure AHC Board Members Meet to Advance Funded Research

 Jeff and Satish with Satish’s brother Subu Cure AHC is vigorously pursuing innovative ways to close the research gaps in ATP1a3 research, in order to accelerate the process of getting to answers. On January 25th, Cure AHC President Jeff Wuchich & Board Member Satish SS met in Raleigh (with Satish’s brother Subu joining, pictured left). Subu & Satish have developed some cutting edge artificial intelligence programs that may help in the research process. They met with Dr. Mikati on January 26th, and will meet via conference call with the Columbia and Aarhus teams soon.

Group shot of Cure AHC Board members with Columbia team On that same day (January 26th), 4 Cure AHC Board members also met with the Columbia team in New York, to go over results to date, to more deeply understand their proposals, and to briefly discuss some techniques and approaches gleaned from the experience of other disease research. Pictured (from L to R): Andrew Ressler of Columbia, Simon Frost, Tony Pena, and Jeff Wuchich of Cure AHC, Dr. David Goldstein of Columbia, Dr. Leigh Mack of Cure AHC, Dr. Michael Boland & Dr. Erin Heinzen of Columbia. Watch for funding awards coming fort soon as a result of these highly productive meetings.

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