Cure AHC Charter Organizer of 2nd Symposium on ATP1A3

Cure AHC Charter Organizer of 2nd Symposium on ATP1A3

2nd-SymposiumHistoric AHC Research Conference September 23-24, Rome Italy

We are pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Global Symposium on ATP1a3 in disease. This critical gathering of researchers from around the word who are focused on Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood, along with patient advocates for AHC, is designed to keep the momentum moving on the accelerated pace of discovery we have been on since the 1st Symposium in December, 2012. Cure AHC is a charter member of the organizing committee, and has been working since January to ensure that the program attracts the participation we need, sparks the dialogue and collaboration essential to push towards greater breakthroughs, and showcases the amazing work that is taking place as a result of the global effort to cure AHC.

This symposium will take place in Rome, Italy September 23-24 at the Catholic University. You can view the official website for the event here. Cure AHC Co-Founders Jeff & Renee Wuchich will be attending this conference. If you have any questions about this historic event, please contact Jeff at ,  We thank the other charter members of the organizing committee for their hard work to date (and the work to come):



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