Cure AHC to Unveil Strategic Plan, Recruit New Board Members

Cure AHC to Unveil Strategic Plan, Recruit New Board Members

The Cure AHC Team has been hard at work putting finishing touches on its strategic plan document. This document will serve 3 purposes:

  1. To attract the right donors, whom we need to fund the multiple key research projects we have targeted based upon merit.
  2. To recruit the right volunteer Board Members and volunteer talent to implement the key initiatives we have identified.
  3. To continuously perfect the effectiveness of our team, so as to meet the exponential growth we anticipate will come in the next few years, as promising research bears fruit.
Cure AHC strategic plan

Cure AHC strategic plan

We have worked with Toscano Advisors, a world-renowned non-profit strategic planning firm, to develop this essential document It closely follows the Strategic plan presentation Cure AHC president Jeff Wuchich delivered at the Family Gathering this past July. You can find the 2017 Cure AHC Family Gathering presentation here and the video here.

As part of that strategic planning process, we are moving to stack our Board of Directors with more of the phenomenal talent that has blessed us to this point. You can see our post on LinkedIn to get a sense of the opportunity at hand. If you or someone you know would qualify, and would have a heart to help us to that next level, please email or call 919.488.4217.

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