Cure AHC Funded Research Presented at AAN Meeting

Cure AHC Funded Research Presented at AAN Meeting

STV2I4-DPicCure AHC is proud to report that research that we funded was presented at the American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting April 21st. Members of the Duke University Mouse Model team presented findings of the E815K mouse model project at the Conference. Neurology, the leading journal for neurological research findings, published the abstract in a special supplement. You can read about it here

This research means that the E815K mice also closely mimic the more severe symptomology of AHC seen in humans. Having models of the 2 most common ATP1A3 mutations will empower the International AHC Research Community (of which the Duke team is a key contributor) to more effectively screen for candidate treatments, to better understand underlying molecular differences that might account for symptomology spectrum, and to help improve quality of life for AHC Champions now as we move toward the cure. We are grateful to the Duke AHC research team for their expertise and dedication!

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