RESEARCH UPDATE! – Mouse Model of AHC is Very Successful

RESEARCH UPDATE! – Mouse Model of AHC is Very Successful


RESEARCH UPDATE: Research that Cure AHC funded has produced significant results!! article published online Friday in Epilepsia, the leading research journal for epilepsy and related disorders.

Researchers at Duke University (as part of the IAHCRC International Consortium for the Research on Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood clearly demonstrate that mice with the D801N mutation (most common mutation for AHC) produce symptomology that very closely mimic humans with AHC.

This means that the mouse model is highly valuable for showing efficacy of potential candidate drugs. This is why we are pushing so hard to meet the $25,000 challenge grant, as next researchers need to understand at the cellular level what is going on, to tap into potential larger grants of possible $500,000 or more from other sources.

So please take a moment to go, make a donation (no amount is too big or too small) and share this photo and text with others. What exciting times for AHC!! THANK YOU!!

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