RESEARCH UPDATE! New Publication and New Project

RESEARCH UPDATE! New Publication and New Project

Cure AHC is excited to share yet another successful research publication we have funded and co-authored (this time with the Duke AHC Clinic), and detail funding of another critical research project (this time with the International AHC Research Consortium).

On March 23, the Online Journal Treatment Options in Neurology featured our article “Diagnosis and Treatment of Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood” . This paper brings together the experience of the Duke AHC Clinic to provide comprehensive guidelines for physicians and caregivers to more accurately diagnose alternating hemiplegia of childhood and to more effectively treat the myriad of symptoms. Physicians should be able to obtain a copy, and we have limited ability to provide a copy on an individual basis. Email to request a copy.

Cure AHC also has awarded $15,000 toward the International AHC Research Consortium’s Natural History Project, presented to the AHC International Alliance on March 6. Natural histories are key for rare disease research. By cataloging accurately the fundamental, measurable, and describable symptomologies and biomarkers for a rare disease, such a study can serve as a “control” for clinical trials, thereby making the process of the trial much more plausible and much shorter in duration than would be possible otherwise. Our award is only seed money for the project, a total of approximately $70,000 over 2 years will be needed, so if you would like to help us meet this goal, DONATE HERE

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