Spotlight on Cure AHC Champion Claire (New Zealand)

Spotlight on Cure AHC Champion Claire (New Zealand)

Claire and AHC

AHC Champion Claire

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 5.08.13 PMThis is where I live, on a farm in Mangawhai, New Zealand







I have just reached 31 years old. I train two or three times a week and this has been the biggest influence in making me stronger and able to cope more with AHC.

Photo is me and my Dad finishing the 5k run in the Auckland Marathon in 2013.

Claire crossing Auckland Marathon finish line with her dad


















Claire posing on beach with her mom






Cruise with Mum and Dad to the Islands

Claire as a childWhat have I learnt?

  • Training – get as strong as you can
  • Swimming – forget it, I always go floppy
  • Life skills – do as much as I can for myself
  • People – make friends, join clubs
  • Keep in touch – Facebook, email
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